When to Hire a Professional Photographer / by Dermot McElduff

The decision to hire any professional is often ultimately a question of quality. Be it the plumbing in your house, mechanical repairs to your car, or a hair cut. Many tasks can be carried out by non professionals, the question is can you live with the compromise in quality?


In the business world, often stock image services are engaged to find images which match the business requirement. This can provide a fantastic source of images, and often appear to be a great return on investment. But buyer beware, the catch is these photos will often look generic and boring. Plus the hidden cost of the time spent actually searching for the 'right' image.

Studies have also shown that stock image usage often has a marked negative effect on a customers perception of a brand.  Be that a large pharmaceutical, or a small one man gardening business. The solution is to work with professional services to produce real, honest images of you and your business. This can only help to strengthen your brand and grow the business. People buy people, show them what they are getting!


Today, we all have access to fantastic, high quality camera equipment. Chances are you know someone that is a keen amateur photographer with some expensive photography gear that will take photographs of your event.

But the difference between an amateur and a pro is not the equipment, but the knowledge and experience needed to get the shot, produce guaranteed results and ultimately high quality images.

If you are still not convinced, ask yourself, would you let someone with expensive scissors, but little experience, cut your hair for a big event?