Re-Visiting Rejected Images / by Dermot McElduff

Often when I go back and look at old images, after some weeks/months from a shoot, I notice something in an image I originally dismissed. This is usually prompted by the discovery of a new post production technique, and due looking with fresh, less emotionally involved, eyes. The awesome Martin Bailey recommends waiting for a period of time before attempting post production, to ensure an emotional detachment. Though sometimes that's not possible, e.g. for news/sports articles, or sometimes a client needs images on a tight time frame.

The image attached to this post, is a prime example of something I had previously rejected. This photo features Nathan Earle of Team Sky, and one of my favourite cyclists, Bernard Sulzberger (in the red Drapac jersey), who just happens to be a native of Van Diemen's Land. Perhaps I felt it didn't do either of them justice.

I recently was introduced to some Lightroom pre-sets from VSCO, and decided to use those to re-edit some of the photos from the 2015 Stan Siejka Cycling Classic event. I randomly select this image as a quick test, and loved the results.

Just a note about using pre-canned editing techniques for post production, although I use these, I still spend quite a bit of time tweaking an image, including the bits effected by these pre-sets. So I don't see these as a one click edit option, but more a quick why to get a step or so closer to the final image.

If you are interested in the VSCO Lightroom pre-sets head over to and have a look.

Disclaimer! I make no money if you do visit/buy anything from VSCO.