CX Ormeau Park 2017 / by Dermot McElduff

Fact: Cycling is my favourite subject matter for photography. The rest of this post is just my random thoughts.

Ever since I discovered the awesome photographer Balint Hamvas of I have wanted to try photographing a Cyclocross event. I love the mud and sweat and look of pain on the competitors faces, there is something about a person suffering for their passion that makes a great photograph. On Sunday 19th November 2017, in Ormeau Park Belfast, I finally got my chance to photograph a CX event.


It didn't disappoint, I loved every single second. Well except for the awkward bit at the end waiting around for the prizing giving to happen, looking odd standing on my own as I didn’t know anyone. I didn’t actually give a shit though.


Disappointingly I missed the underage and women’s events due to some family commitments, but manage to get there in time for the men’s A and B races, but thankfully they did not disappoint!


Both seemed to have a pretty full field, though the B race seemed to be have quite a large number of competitors, and was by far the more exciting race to watch, mainly due to lots of tussling for positions, especially in the early stages.


End conclusion, it was a great event, with what I felt like huge numbers in attendance, though not on par with a mainland Europe event, but still lots of fun.


10/10 will photograph again, for anyone interested the full gallery of images is available here