Family Wedding / by Dermot McElduff

A few days ago my sister got married, it was a hectic run-up to the big day, but it was worth all the hard work and preparation, as it turned out to be such a fantastic day. It was a beautiful dry spring day, and the bride looked fantastic, as did the entire bridal party. Our son had the privileged role of page boy on the day and did his parents proud. The party went on into the small hours of the morning, and the hotel breakfast room resembled a hospital ward the following morning, with yours truly one of the most damaged cases.

I only took a very small number of photos as I decided that I wanted to concentrate on enjoying the day and meeting all the hundreds of relatives I had not spoken with in years, due to living in Australia (more on that coming in another blog post), hence this album is quite short.

One thing I did learn, or at perhaps re-learn is that wedding photography is really hard work! In fact all types of photography are hard work, and I am a strong believer in that if you want to do something well, it takes 100% commitment to the task in hand, hence my decision to put down the camera, and concentrate on enjoying the day.