All Change! / by Dermot McElduff


It is said, a change is as good as a rest, and this change certainly feels that way. What am I talking about? Well I am re-branding, I have decided to return to my roots and rename my photography business after myself. A little narcissistic perhaps? No actually I just want people to feel a little more comfortable that they are getting an actual human being and not hiring someone form a faceless organisation.

One of the main reasons I went with a more generic name originally was mainly as I living in Australia, and people really struggled to spell my name correctly. This didn’t really bother me personally but made live a little difficult when giving out my email address etc over the phone.

Anyway I am still working on a new logo and re-branding all my social media over the next few days, but I am excited for the new adventure under my own name, Dermot McElduff Photography.